Ibiza’s coming to London for the last time EVAAAAA!

Finally! A reunion with my London chums. A proper little boogie sesh after my mid-term submissions. Can I hear an “ooooooohhhh yeeeeeehhh!”

And what a reunion it was going to be. We were going to the very last Space Ibiza event in history with Roger Sanchez headlining. Space Ibiza is renowned as the world’s number one dance club and yet it was holding an event on our door step in Greenwich’s O2 FOR THE LAST TIME EVA EVA EVAAAA…pumped doesn’t quite sum up how I felt going to this event.

So with glitter on my face and my gold trousers on I was more than ready to take on Space Ibiza!

When arriving at the Greenwich O2 we were all a little gob smacked to say the least. I think it’s safe to say it’s the biggest O2 I’ve ever seen in my life. It had restaurants, a cinema, some crazy architecture and this wacky glowing structure (whatever the hell it is)…


Glowy thing at the O2

But no! We weren’t there for this big whopping glowing thing…so we headed much further down into Building Six where the event was actually happening.

Into the venue we went and security were tight as hell..i’m talking shoes off and everything. Military style to say the least.

FINALLY, we were in and the venue was like your standard venue but on a mass scale. ‘Twas a biggie and was rammed with people…i mean we probably got in at midnight and the place was jammed full! Sardines in a tin much.

But lets start talking about what we were all there for – THE MUSIC. All house and dance music and a lot of drops which is what we all want from a night out.

Well the bass was IN-CRED-IBLE!!! I don’t think I’ve ever felt vibrations like that before!! Clearly I just haven’t lived. Literally…in the videos you can even hear the intensity of it – just mental!

Not forgetting the motion of the lights on the stage which were soooo slick – truly mesmerising.

Then the venue itself which as I said before was massive with a balcony stretching across. This was not a night to lose your friends…there was just no way you would be lucky and stumble into them by the loos.

Then there were some sexy dancers in cages and crazy guys doing back-flips with medieval masks on…could I ask for more?


What a happy bunch we are!

Not forgetting how awesome the outside area was! There were about 15 of these massive double bed type outside matres things (honestly can’t describe it better than that) which we could all bundle together on and snuggle cuz with it being late November time – it was nippy as hell.

As you can tell by the fat smile on my face I had such a fabby night. We stayed till 6am when it shut and had a bust up with security for not leaving in a hurry…well sooorrry, it’s not my fault these guys put on such a good night…maybe tell ’em not to do such a good job next time eh!

But alas there would be no next time…just wish we could’ve had more time together…for the peoples sake (and mine) I propose a petition be made to bring it back…BRING IT BACK, SING IT BACK…BRING IT BACK TO ME!


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