Markets in London you say?…take me with you!

Oooooh I just love a good market and London is the place for them. I went down to London for a long weekend Saturday to Monday and each day I made sure to explore a market each day. Broadway on Saturday, Brick Lane on Sunday and Camden on Monday.

Broadway Market

Broadway market is only open on a Saturday but is well worth the trip if you’re a foodie! There’s food from every nationality: African, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish…the list goes on. I basically walked around the whole place with drool down my face as I was gawping at these magnificent pastries, giant scotch eggs, artwork, crafts, vintage clothing stalls and the odd bit of jewellery here and there. So whilst finally choosing a mix and match of the African fish and coconut pork dish with rice I sat down nomming away listening to the brilliant busking musicians dotted around the place…pure bliss!


Abnormally sized cakes at the market…I promise they look bigger in real life!

The one thing is it isn’t ideal for the average student…well i suppose quality comes at a price. Whilst the stalls weren’t exactly cheap the shops on the outskirts were flippin’ expensive as well…well out of my price range but then I am a bit of a scrooge with the pounds. In the pub it was £5 a pint!!! Now you can’t tell me that’s not expensive?! And I would say I was pretty used to London prices. But the sun was shining, I’d bumped into some old friends randomly in the market so I just couldn’t say no to a pint no matter the price.

I’d say this market is for someone a little older than myself but then who doesn’t love good food…if your belly is in need of some TLC then Broadway’s a winner!


8 Reasons to go to Boomtown festival!

It’s that time again when we’re bogged down in the grey drizzle of life and we’re looking for some festival frolicking come summer time.

So if you’re a complete fruit loop and a little bit wacko then Boomtown is the place to go!

Here are 8 reasons why:

  1. The Costumes: I think it’s fair to say Boomtown is a land of bonkerdom. Full of nutters wondering around in the most ridiculous outfits I’ve ever seen in my life. Insect looking humans, galactic space invaders and some outfits that are definitely too crude to mention. You definitely won’t see costumes like this at Glastonbury! To get a glimpse at some of Boomtown’s crazy costumes CLICK HERE.



Galactic festival goers I had a picture with!

2. The festival is one giant town: The festival is divided into themed districts and stages such as: Bang Hai Palace (a whopping stage completely lit up at 30 metres high and 80 metres long), Lion’s Den (my absolute favourite stage with it being known for its reggae), Wild West, Barrio Loco, China Town, DSTRCT 5, all the psychedelic looking forests and more!

3. The Music: There are so many music genres to keep you all happy as well. From Drum and Bass, Jungle, Reggae, Swing, Psy-trance – the list goes on. If you like a rave and a proper boogie then here it is! To get a vibe for Boomtown’s music just listen to this playlist


Lion’s Den

4. Story time: The whole festival has a grungy steam punk vibe flowing throughout and each year the festival runs on a story line. This year the story was about the discontent of the people ruled by the elite and so we became part of a revolution!


Whiskey Bar in the Wild West


Old Town Entrance

5. It’s so random: My day’s consisted of pillow fights, paint fights, peering into sex shop windows at robot pole dancers, listening to smaller bands in back street rooms, learning circus skills, and I even had my own funeral in the Rave Yard.

6. The hill is a good thing?!: Boomtown has an insanely massive hill to climb! I have named it ‘KILLER’MANJARO. But after all the booze and fast food there’s no doubt…your poor body is in need of a hill!

7. Zooloos: The compost toilets absolutely pong and there is never any loo roll (always carry tissues!) – but then again what do you expect at a festival? As an alternative there are the gleaming Zooloos. I’m talking fresh towels, a hot shower, a clean toilet and the holy grail…LOO ROLL!

8. It’s like being on a film set: There is no doubt about it though – it’s the actors of Boomtown who truly bring the magic of Boomtown alive. All of whom play the roles of the inhabitants of each district. They amazingly never seem out of character and make the weird and wonderful become a reality. They would put festival goers on trial in the Wild West, there were Cowboy’s looking for gold, geisha girls making potions in China Town, interviews at the Jobshop and interrogations by the police. But that’s just a little teaser for you.

Please let me know about any of your own Boomtown shenanigans…and well if you haven’t had the pleasure of going just yet I’m sure the trailer below will convince you to!

Gimme some o that Cirque Du Soul baby!

So it was my housemates birthday and we were off to Cirque Du Soul.

Now I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sceptical about this night. With it being held in my Student’s Union where everyone goes for the lash completely legless and dressed up in some nutty costume, I was expecting something of the usual for this event to be honest. The same sticky VK covered floors, the packed bars, everyone off their tits on alcohol because the music is so awful…but oh how I was wrong! They transformed the whole venue form top to bottom. Why can’t it be this good all the time?!

Giant inflatable lotus type flowers hanging upside down form the ceiling, vines of leaves, lantern lights, flags and other inflatables…it looked gorgeous. Cardiff was long forgotten as it felt like I was in some tropical jungle or in the film Avatar!

To bump up the night we had MC’s to get the crowd going, glowing cylinders chucked in the crowd and tribal stilt walkers trotting around the crowd.

The crowd was on another level with wolf whistles every five minutes and every gal sitting on some hunks shoulders.

Plus I even got papped by the photographer! (Luckily he got me at the start of the night cuz rest assured I was a sweaty mess at the end).


groovy groovy groovy


happy as Larry

With lectures the next day I made my way home pretty early but I was happy to leave knowing that my faith had been restored in the SU’s capability of holding a decent night…job well done!

Hippy Trippy Shakedown

sh With one of my friends working for Regression Sessions we’d bagged ourselves the prize for winning VIP tickets to the Hippy Trippy Shakedown event with a tasty £50 as well…nice one Al you absolute beaut.

So pre-drinks got interesting. To think I’d never drank absinthe before…and no wonder why! It’s 68%!! So it seemed from the off it was gonna be one of those nights…having had my fill of rum and coke followed by a cheeky shot of absinthe we were on our way.


Absinthe shots…yes please!


Now this was the best venue I’d ever seen in my life!!!! I think was probably just the way they’d decked the place up so magically. But with Fire and Lightbox being two venues right next to each other for this event they’d managed to open the doors to connect the two venues so the place seemed never ending.

We began in quite a small space themed room with fluorescent planets which set the tone for the glowing venue.

But things really took a turn when we ventured into the main room. A much bigger crowd, with a balcony, strange random stage blocks dotted around the room for people to stand on (not gonna lie…there were pretty scary…could’ve been caused some serious damage), and a fluorescent camper van for the main stage!

I loved how random the venue was with inflatables, some hippy signage, space and psychedelic decorations. I’m a big one for colour and lights on a night out as well and this place was packed full of it.


The main stage looking all fluorescent and fabulous!


Preach it sistaaa

Now whilst the main room was gorgeous I ADORED the lightbox room!!! With led lights embedded on the ceiling and over the walls it was like dancing with the galaxy at your fingtertips. The synchronicity of the lights with the music as well…OH SWEET JESUS…I didn’t wanna leave!

And then there was the drum and bass room. A completely nuts encounter…definitely intense…as good as it was we couldn’t stay there for too long…I think there’s only so much DNB you can take to be honest.

We headed outside chilling in their huge outside seating area to get our bearings but not for long. We were off again till whatever time in the morning.

I literally couldn’t tell you what time we left but all I know is we were leaving as the sweaty glittery messes we were on the tube the same time as people were dressed for work in their corporate suits. We were definitely having the better time on the tube that day.

Regression Sessions…I just can’t wait for another of your events and as for the venue Fire & Lightbox I will definitely be returning.

Best night of the year so far hands down…but then it is only February eh!