Gimme some o that Cirque Du Soul baby!

So it was my housemates birthday and we were off to Cirque Du Soul.

Now I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sceptical about this night. With it being held in my Student’s Union where everyone goes for the lash completely legless and dressed up in some nutty costume, I was expecting something of the usual for this event to be honest. The same sticky VK covered floors, the packed bars, everyone off their tits on alcohol because the music is so awful…but oh how I was wrong! They transformed the whole venue form top to bottom. Why can’t it be this good all the time?!

Giant inflatable lotus type flowers hanging upside down form the ceiling, vines of leaves, lantern lights, flags and other inflatables…it looked gorgeous. Cardiff was long forgotten as it felt like I was in some tropical jungle or in the film Avatar!

To bump up the night we had MC’s to get the crowd going, glowing cylinders chucked in the crowd and tribal stilt walkers trotting around the crowd.

The crowd was on another level with wolf whistles every five minutes and every gal sitting on some hunks shoulders.

Plus I even got papped by the photographer! (Luckily he got me at the start of the night cuz rest assured I was a sweaty mess at the end).


groovy groovy groovy


happy as Larry

With lectures the next day I made my way home pretty early but I was happy to leave knowing that my faith had been restored in the SU’s capability of holding a decent night…job well done!


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