Markets in London you say?…take me with you!

Oooooh I just love a good market and London is the place for them. I went down to London for a long weekend Saturday to Monday and each day I made sure to explore a market each day. Broadway on Saturday, Brick Lane on Sunday and Camden on Monday.

Broadway Market

Broadway market is only open on a Saturday but is well worth the trip if you’re a foodie! There’s food from every nationality: African, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish…the list goes on. I basically walked around the whole place with drool down my face as I was gawping at these magnificent pastries, giant scotch eggs, artwork, crafts, vintage clothing stalls and the odd bit of jewellery here and there. So whilst finally choosing a mix and match of the African fish and coconut pork dish with rice I sat down nomming away listening to the brilliant busking musicians dotted around the place…pure bliss!


Abnormally sized cakes at the market…I promise they look bigger in real life!

The one thing is it isn’t ideal for the average student…well i suppose quality comes at a price. Whilst the stalls weren’t exactly cheap the shops on the outskirts were flippin’ expensive as well…well out of my price range but then I am a bit of a scrooge with the pounds. In the pub it was £5 a pint!!! Now you can’t tell me that’s not expensive?! And I would say I was pretty used to London prices. But the sun was shining, I’d bumped into some old friends randomly in the market so I just couldn’t say no to a pint no matter the price.

I’d say this market is for someone a little older than myself but then who doesn’t love good food…if your belly is in need of some TLC then Broadway’s a winner!


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