Brick Lane

Brick Lane Market

A market open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s but known to be fabby on a Sunday. Whilst Broadway market is clearly all about it’s food, Brick Lane market is all for it’s vintage fashion! Again like Broadway there is sooooo much food of every nationality but for me it still just didn’t quite beat the smells and tastes from Broadway.

In terms of vintage the market was full of boutique shops (a little pricey but there were so many gems!), vintage shops, vintage stalls and a huge vintage market underground…it’s safe to say I was in my element! Considering the amount of vintage I was surprised at what incredible condition it was all in and selling for decent prices…it’s well worth a rummage.

In the underground vintage market I also came across the collage artist Adrian Boswell. He does these surreal psychedelic collages that are just so weird that they are beyond fabulous. Using bright oranges, marshmallow pinks, sunshine yellows – yum! One collage with a shroud of mushrooms with faces and a flying fried egg and another with sword fish, broccli trees, mime artists and free divers. It all sounds so random that it shouldn’t work but somehow it just does! The one I bought had David Bowie, Hitler and these beautiful blue flowers that contrasted to the orange background…funky!



Vintage Clothing Market Underground

On top of that the whole ambience was amazing. With weird and wacky artworks on the street walls and a bustle of fashionably quirky people. Plus the whole market goes on for such a stretch it’s almost impossible to see it all properly in a day. There is no way you could get bored here!


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