Camden Town Market – it’s one big Aladdin’s cave!

Having previously lived in Camden I am well acquainted with this bonkers place. It’s a place to funk up your dress sense, get a costume together or go to some snazzy bar which has a jukebox and sells cocktails in a teapot. It is undoubtedly a place for the wacky bohemian.

But, alas, with it being a tourist attraction the streets are packed and you have to shimmy through the crowds – especially on weekends! But out of all the markets I’ve been to, this is the most notorious and creative.

As you soon as you walk out from the tube station it hits you!…Heavy rock music is blasting from the shops. There’s a mix of punk rockers with mow hawks, hippy’s in dreadlocks and tourists taking snaps on the streets. Rappers are on the street selling their CD’s. The shops sell punk and goth clothing, leather jackets, London souvenirs and there’s the odd tattoo and piercing shop. It is mental.

With street art encouraged in Camden the place is beautifully artistic and makes it visually surreal. Almost every store has some kind of vibrant sculpture above it and EVERYONE is stopping to look at these absolute marvels!


Devils and dark angels above a tattoo and piercing shop on the left and a dragon above a Chinese restaurant on the right


I love the giant Dr Marten shoe!

Eventually you reach Camden Lock and the canal which runs through the heart of Camden. It is the perfect place to sit and eat food whilst basking in the summer sunshine – but not today – today i’m freezing my nips off!


Camden Lock


Chinese food from the market..nomanom!

Moving into the market it is buzzing with people shouting and selling on fast food stalls and with starving bellies we hunt out some grub. All the sweet and spicy smells come flooding in from the Mexican, Chinese and Indian food.With my eyes bigger than my belly the giant spring rolls sealed the deal for me on the Chinese but in hindsight I should’ve gone with my nose on those Indian spices!

For a more detailed guide on food and drink in Camden CLICK HERE.

Having refuelled I continued my gander around the market finding: 50’s cocktail dresses, couture headdresses made with raven feathers, hippy wall hangings, a tonne of everything vintage and every kind of alternative dress from steam punk, to hippy and goth.

As for the different arts and crafts I saw: a woman painting on canvas shoes, artist Matyas Selmeczi cutting out silhouettes of customers, jewellery makers and someone sketching geometric sci-fi drawings!

One of the most unique aspects of Camden Market however is the store called Cyberdog – a sci-fi store selling techy gadgets, futuristic clothing, everything and anything that glows, robots and even sex toys in the same store.



Sci-fi store selling techy gadgets and futuristic clothing


Everything glows!


More giant robots inside










But have I done Camden justice? If not…let me know what I missed! I’d love to know of some other hidden gems to explore.

Aesthetically I just don’t think you can beat Camden Market. It makes your eyes pop, wacks a great big smile on your face and makes you walk with a lot more swag – it’s a must see!



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