The XX comes to the ‘diff!

So as a girl from Bristol – a city giving you live gigs left right and centre – coming to Cardiff has left me feeling rather deflated!

Where are the gigs?! Apart from the occasional small bands there just don’t seem to be any big bands coming to the ‘diff. I mean okay we did have the Red Hot Chilli’s pay us a visit recently but all the biggies seem to be flocking elsewhere.

But just when it seemed more likely to see pigs fly…The XX are here! And not just that but they’ve brought Jamie XX with them…ooooh what a treat!!


I mean don’t get me wrong I was expecting something pretty fabulous with their recent album I See You being (in my opinion) their best so far and I just can’t stop listening to Jamie XX’s new album In Colour…but I wasn’t expecting anything as magical as that!

So to start the night off right getting the booze flowing at 6 seemed like a solid plan! We were certainly smashed by half 7, already had the drunk munchies by 8 and feasted on a veggie burger in a pitta bread by half past. Finally leaving the house we pathetically stumbled out the door in the typical shit storm Cardiff has to offer and in our desperation contemplated a bus into town but fuck knows when the next one would be…so we powered on through with broken umbrellas and broken souls. But it didn’t stop there, by some miracle a friend of a friend picked us up in her car and took us to the gig…what an angel.

We may have missed the support act but who cares – I was there for the XX!!

I cannot tell you how glad I was we made it before they came on because their set list was insane! Not only did they play pretty much all of the fabby songs off their new album such as: ‘Dangerous’ ‘Say Something Loving’ ‘I Dare You’ ‘A Violet Noise’ ‘On Hold’ and my all time favourite ‘Replica’. But it wouldn’t be an XX gig if they didn’t treat us to some old tasty classics of theirs such as ‘Intro’ ‘VCR’ and ‘Islands’.

The great thing about the XX is that their music continually builds upon layers until you find yourself consumed in such rich sounds. Let me tell ya, hearing it live with the booming of the bass and a whopping sound systems just gives you chills!

The stage was just so alive! The lighting bathed the audience in these ever changing blocks of colour and with the stage entirely mirrored and rotating, different shapes and light reflected across the stadium. It was like being exposed to a giant kaleidoscope.

Here’s a shitty video of it from my phone (gives you a glimpse of it anyways):

It was beautiful. I can honestly say it’s the most carefree and ecstatic I’ve ever felt at a gig. Everyone smiling and slightly swaying having been hypnotised by their angelic voices.

Even the songs which feature The XX in Jamie XX’s album: ‘Loud Places’ and ‘Stranger in a room’ were played.

The definite highlight of the night was when the stage lights dispersed into a rainbow explosion aptly replicating the same colours as Jamie XX’s album colour. People then erupted into cheers as Loud Places begins to play…gorgeous!

Another cheeky vid:


I swear when coming out of the gig it was like everyone had been cleansed as if by some wacky religious experience…who needs a spa weekend when you can go to see The XX eh.

All I can say is thank you for the experience The XX…you are beautiful people making beautiful music and I’ll be damned if I don’t see you again!



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